Nodule treatment with high intensity focused ultrasound
The gentle alternative to surgery - without scars and cuts!

Thyroid nodules are benign in about 95%, usually smaller than 1 cm and affect every second person at the age of 65 and older.
Hormone producing hot nodules are usually benign, but can cause a thyroid hyperfunction.
Other nodules do not produce a hormonal overdose, but can cause problems swallowing, neck pain or a feeling of pressure in the neck area - and can be malignant in rare cases.

Echotherapy is a new, gentle alternative to surgical treatment of benign thyroid nodules and fibroadenomas of the breat with therapeutic ultrasound. Imagine rays of sunshine shining through a magnifying glass. The rays are concentrated and hit the target with greater intensity. This way benign tumors such as thyroid nodules and fibroandenomas can be treated dead-on; the surrounding healthy tissue will be spared.
While the Echotherapy is performed, therapeutic ultrasound waves will be sent through the skin inside the nodule and produce a warming of the tissue. In a matter of speakting, the nodule will be "melted" and the affected tissue will be destroyed.

The benefits:

- gentle, outpatient therapy without surgery

- local anesthesia (if needed)

- short time of treatment (20 minutes to 1,5 hours) and rapid recovery

- almost pain free during and after the therapy


The treatment takes place on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia if necessary (no hospitalization needed). In addition, only one seccion is necessary.

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Patients from around the world

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