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Parkinson’s diagnostic is a special type of scintigraphy of the brain.


It screens the functional capability of special nerve connections in a particular area of the brain. Goal of this examination is to find information about the cause of existing or suspicious movement disorders.
The DaTSCAN scintigraphy allows a detailed ascertainment about the functional capability of certain nerve connections in the brain (so-called dopamine carrier). The dopamine carrier reside within the nerve cells and are responsible for the production of dopamine.
With certain diseases, the dopamine production can be disturbed or reduced (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, MSA, PSP). With idiopathic tremor the dopamine production is sustained.

We ask you to not drink coffee of black tea on the day of the examination. You do not have to be fasting. Also, any kind of tobacco usage needs to be restricted.


- Clarification of pathological tremor
- On spec Parkinson’s disease
- Differentiation of organic disruptions of certain Parkinson’s syndromes to idiopathic tremor