Raiffeisenstr. 4, 74360 Ilsfeld


Dear patient,

our highly motivated team is always anxious to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Though, we will always keep in mind that a visually pleasant environment and the modern device-related interior of our practice aren't enough to do justice to your questions and worries as a patient.
This is an incentive to not only offer you the status quo of our field of expertise with the best possible service, but also commit ourselves - if possible - individually to your questions and worries.
Yet you'll realize "high-tech medicine" and humane care do not have to be opposites!

Jörg Seeberger MD

The following services are at your disposal:

Wheelchair entrance
Our practice is located on the main floor, which allows disabled patients as well as PTAs access without problems. It is also equipped with a handicapped accessible WC, automatic front door, etc.

Parking right in front of the practice
In order for our patients to reach us quite comfortable, we offer a parking lot nect to the practice building. This parking spaces are - of course - without fee while you're in our practice.

Beverage center
In our watining room we offer hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea, water and Coke free of charge. We also offer you snacks to sweeten your short waiting time :)


Your practice stuff

We're here for you


Jörg Seeberger MD

Specialist for nuclear medicine

Brief of Seeberger MD

  • Born in 1966
  • Born in Mayence, Germany
  • Grown up in Bad Mergentheim, Schorndorf and Pforzheim. Resident from 1977-2016 in Heilbronn and since 2016 in Ilsfeld.
  • 1987 University-entrance diploma at the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Heilbronn.
  • 1989-1996 Academic studies of human medicine at Friedrich-Alexander university in Erlangen and at Ruprecht-Karls university in Heidelberg.
  • 1996-2003 initially semiannual training as an internist at hospital Plattenwald in Bad Friedrichshall and consecutivly training as a doctor for nuclear medicine at Ruprecht-Karls university in Heidelberg as well as at the hospital facilities of St-Vincentius in Karlsruhe (teaching hospital of der Albrecht-Ludwigs university in Fribourg).
  • Since 2004 self-employed specialist for nuclear medicine, fully licenced by health insurance.
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From right to left:
Melissa Scholl (Apprentice 1. year), Irem Tuncel (Apprentice 3. year), Meike Hautzinger (Doctor's assistant), Stephanie Seeberger (Practice management/advertisment), Viola Steinecke (Medical technical assistant); Yvonne Wolf (Doctor's assistant), Nicole Eder (Doctor's assistant), Sabine Hofsäß (Medical technical assistant), Dr. med. Jörg Seeberger (Specialist for nuclear medicine)

Not on the photo: Michael Kirchner (Apprentice 2. year), Halina Forc (Detergence)