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The ultrasound elastography is a new state-of-the-art imaging method to identify tumors.


The functional principle is based on the confirmation of a elasticity change of the tissue (tumors are defined by a change in their tissue features) that could indicate a malignant tumor (usually, the tissue of malignant tumors is more inelastic than healthy tissue) and should be used as a complementary method to conventional ultrasound.
The elastography originates from the manual palpation of the tissue with the hands of the examiner, therefore elastography could be described as “electronic palpation”.
Special software evaluates the tiniest shifting between the single images and shows space-resolved distension. Soft areas are strongly flexible while firm areas cannot be compressed. This way, differences of the tissue can be displayed.

Since the elastography is based on the principles of ultrasound, this examination method is non-invasive and non-radiant, meaning it can even be used on pregnant women without endangering the fetus.

In our practice, we offer the ultrasound elastography for nodules of the thyroid and breast. When there’s suspicion of malignancy further diagnostic methods are used, such as the MIBI scintigraphy or he scinti mammography.

The elastography is not covered by medical insurance, meaning the patient has to pay for it.